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Our team takes safty seriously
These are 7-seater Boats and all riders must have a PFD life jacket. Therefor, all Bayliner Boats come with 7 life jackets. Use the message box below to ask our team questions about your rental, or to provide our team with more details and information about the life jackets you'll need for your party.
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Watersport Add-ons & Accessories
Select all the watersport accessories you'd like to add to your rental
 1-person Tube $35 2-person Tube $40 3-person Tube $75
 Wakeboard $40 Kneeboard $30 Wakesurf Board $60
 Waterskis $40 Salom Waterski $40 Kids Waterskis $30

Inflatable SUP Paddleboards $25 each (1st one is $50):  $0.00
1-person Kayak $25 each (1st one is $50):  $0.00
2-person Kayak $35 each (1st one is $70): $0.00

Step 3: Choose your amenity & concierge services…

Delivery Launch & Retrieval Service  $100
 Yes, I'd like to include the Delivery Launch and Retreival Service

Convenient Logistic Add-ons
Our shop is roughly 15 minutes away from the Lake Powell State line and Wahweap Marina. If you do not want to haul the jet ski trailer, and do the launch & retrieval yourself, then select the Delivery Launch & Retrieval Service checkbox above. To haul the boat trailer yourself, you'll need a vehical with a towing capacity of at least 1,600 lbs, a 2" ball hitch, and a 4-prong electrical connector socket to connect the trailer lights. Select all the convenient logitsic items you'd like to add to this rental.
 4-prong/4-way-flat Trailer Connection Adapter $5
 2-inch Ball Hitch $10

All Bayliner 175/VR4 Boats Go Out Topped Off (Full) On Fuel
Our Boats hold about 13 to 15 gallons of regular unleaded gas, and they typically run for about 3 to 6 hours on one full tank of gas. Consider adding extra gas cans to your boat rental if you're going to be riding for more than 5 hours

Extra Full 5-gallon Gas Cans $30:  $0.00
Extra Empty 5-gallon Gas Cans $5:  $0.00

Step 4: Damage Waiver & Security Deposit…

$1000 Security Deposit (required)
When you come to get the boats you must make security deposit of $1000 per boat on a credit card of your choice. The fuel used and the damages done will be deducted from this security deposit. If there are no serious damages to the boats during your rental, and the machines are brought back full on fuel, then this security deposit will be fully refunded back to your card when the boats are returned.


Damage Waiver Insurance  $35 per day
Our internal Damage Waiver Insurance, covers you and your party for all damage cost that exceed beyond the $1000 security deposit. This damage waiver does NOT cover any injuries, it is NOT a form of liability insurance, and we are NOT liable for any injuries that may happen durring the rental.

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Bayliner 175/VR4 Boats from ... to ... (... day rental) for a total of $0.00 after tax

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Delivery Service: $0.00
Damage Waiver: $0.00
Add-ons & Accessories: $0.00
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